About us

About us

After having many difficulties finding the appropriate property, we couldn't limit ourselves to the common and classic search engine tools which were for us redundant, complicated and sometimes not even adapted to our search. We wanted to develop a more intuitive and direct alternative, which would allow the user to have a faster and enjoyable experience. Most importantly, we thought that feeling at home was as important as feeling well in his neighborhood. And that is exactly the question we start our search with... Where do you want to live?

At Shelterr, we've based our approach on

  1. The search : By increasing the intuitivity of the process, making it faster in order to help people find exactly what they are looking for in a few clicks.

  2. The design : By working on an uncluttered architecture and simple design, showcasing the properties in priority.

  3. Usability : By focusing on the needs of private users looking for a new home or professional users willing to increase the visibility of their agency and real-estate ads.

The profit generated by the user on Shelterr is not simply a gain of time and money. It is also a gain of pleasure that can be mesured through the use of the website. If you are a private user looking to find a place to rent or for sale on Shelterr, we are wishing you a warm welcome and we are hoping that you would enjoy your search. Do not hestiate to give us your advice in order to increase your satisfaction and user experience. We hope that shelterr will contribute to realise the acquisition of your dream.

If you are a property/land owner, an agency or a real estate broker wishing to post a property on Shelterr, sign up in a few clicks and become a member of our community, remember that posting on Shelterr is free.

We hope Shelterr will help you achieve your business goals.

The Shelterr team

Team and office
Team and office Team and office