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Creating your profile has never been so easy and fun. It only takes few seconds.

1. Create an account

Create an account

Register via social media or fill in the contact form with your private or professional information.

If you are a private user, you can immediately put your properties online for free, or contact an agency or agent to visit a property.

If you are a real estate professional, do not forget to check the type of professional that you are (an agent, promoter, notary).

2. Fill your profile

Fill your profile

Whether you are a personal or professional user, it is always important to complete your information to increase visibility on the website, and allow users to contact you, thus increasing the possibility of sale or rental of your property.

You do not want to put properties online, your account will give you access to many site features.

3. Your agency's profile

Your agency's profile

Fill in the information on your agency. The more information, the more visibility on the website. Are you not used to working with new technologies? You can download our Agent Starter Pack. This will help you to fill in the profile easily.

4. Preview your profile

Preview your profile</

Click Preview to verify that all information is accurate. Your profile is also available in the My Shelterr icon. You can now start putting properties online.