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How it works

Putting a property online

Posting a property on has never been so easy and fun. It only takes few seconds.

1. Insert the address of your property


If you do not want the address of your property to appear, just don't mention your street number, the property will automatically centered itself on your street.

You can always move the icon marking the location of your home if it does not suit you.

2. Fill the description of your property


Give a price to your property, set the property type and the surface of your property.

Complete the additional descriptions of your property to increase your SEO among site search filters.

3. Add pictures


Add more pictures as possible and rename them through the posting of photos section. You can also enhance your photos thanks to our editing filters.

Do not forget to choose which photo will appear first.

4. Give substance to your property


Give a written and structured description of your property, add files and other information about the charges and adjustments of the property.

5. Feature your listing


Select "Featured property" will put your property in a different color and will be visible first in the list. Increase the visibility of your property for 7 € / month only.

6. Sell or rent your property faster

Agency / agent

Choose the most active real estate agency to represent and sell your property. No need to call or visit him just do it straight through the post a property process.

What are you waiting for?

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