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Shelterr owns the website. The purpose of the website is mainly the linkage between private and professional real estate industry through putting online ads of real estate on the platform. The parties wanted to entrust Shelterr the establishment on the website of an advertising campaign. The mission entrusted to Shelterr is to host the advertising action on its site. Shelterr is also responsible for managing "back office" of the promotion. The Parties intend modaliser their commitment in this agreement, which cancel therefore any other convention, draft convention, letter of intent, memorandum of understanding that may have previously existed between the parties regarding the subject matter of this Agreement.

Article 1 - Purpose of Agreement

Shelterr agrees to rent to the advertiser ad space on the website of Shelterr whose URL is: (hereinafter called "the Website") appears in orderto a advertisement, according to specifications that are on the order of advertising space of this Convention.

Article 2 - Rights and obligations of parties

2.1. Rights and Obligations of advertiser: The advertiser Shelterr work with a view to ensuring the proper implementation of the Convention, particularly by allocating financial and marketing resources (logos, text, banners, icons) and the necessary staff to monitoring the management of advertising space. The advertiser must inform the Shelterr lines of HTML code or any other computer language used by Shelterr to position itself on the pages of its website the advertisement in question. And by mail no later than two weeks before the date required for posting the advertisement. After this time, Shelterr reserves the right to delay the launch of the advertising for a period equivalent to the delay introduced by the advertiser in the advertising information communication. The advertiser must also specify the duration of the maintenance announcement and the choice of advertising space on the site of Shelterr according to specifications that are on the right advertising space control this agreement.

2.2 Rights and obligations of Shelterr: Shelterr provides advertiser on its website all the space necessary for the performance of advertising media, in the limit with the specifications of this agreement. Shelterr may appoint any third party to execute this agreement. The Web server that hosts the Web site must have a constant connection to the Internet, allowing uninterrupted access to the Website, except during periods of time planned for the maintenance of the web server and during downtime not attributable Network to Shelterr. Subject to the preceding paragraph, the Web server must have the ability to process a large simultaneous demand from the Internet without being affected significantly. Shelterr must solve or to resolve any problems affecting the operation of the Web server or Web site, as soon as possible after becoming aware of the problem Shelterr or following the advice given to him by the advertiser. The Web server must be protected adequately and permanently against any unauthorized intrusion, physical and virtual, and must provide all the security guarantees generally recognized by the industry. The Web server must be regularly maintained and be free of any known and identifiable virus.

3.3. Shelterr ist verpflichtet, Unterstützung für kommerzielle Dienstleistungen von den Inserenten zur Verfügung, insbesondere indem sie alle ihr vorliegenden Informationen über die Zielgruppe der Website (einschließlich Werbestatistik) und prompt, und in jeder Fälle einmal im Monat zur Verfügung gestellt, dass Shelterr keine Garantie, ausdrücklich oder stillschweigend, für die Richtigkeit der Werbestatistik, die von den Inserenten angefordert werden soll. Daher ist die Inserenten Shelterr übernimmt keine Haftung aus der Nutzung durch den Werbenden und statistische Angaben, die der Inserent mit einem Login täglich den Fortschritt der Werbekampagne und Passwort. Der Inserent ist für die Geheimhaltung seines Login und Passwort und jede Handlung (en) (en), das (sind) könnten allein verantwortlich gemacht werden (e).

3.4. Shelterr is committed informing the owner of any significant change in the appearance or content of its site. For significant changes, means a change affecting the structure, operation or navigation of the site such as changing the domain name, the place of accommodation, its purpose, size, frequency of updated, etc. In no case, however, such a change could not justify the termination or amendment of this Agreement.

Article 3 - Advertising Guidelines

Advertising rules Shelterr, subject to change without notice and hereinafter called ("Advertising Rules") apply throughout the term of this contract, subject to the specifications, which take precedence over any inconsistent advertising policy. The advertiser agrees to be fully bound by these particular on the content and the display of the advertisement is subject to the prior approval Shelterr. The advertisement and its contents must comply with all laws and all applicable regulations, including, but not limited to, laws and regulations concerning intellectual property, advertising, promotional contests, consumer protection, protection of privacy and the protection of minors. The advertiser must provide Shelterr, on request of the latter, the proof of its right, title or interest in any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property on one or more elements of the advertisement . The advertiser must be duly authorized to announce the company or the products or services of the latter. The content of the advertisement can only refer to the company or the products and services of the advertiser itself and not from another person, except in cases of advertising comparative.Un hyperlink placed on The location of the advertisement can only lead to one or the other pages of the website of the advertiser. The advertiser must be legally entitled to publish the advertisement and content, to include, without limitation, names, photographs or portraits of living persons, as well as all works protected by copyright and words, series of words and drawings consisting of any trademark. Words, expressions, references, special characters and graphic symbols, internationally recognized to identify the copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights, as well as their holders must appear where required in the ad advertising, in connection with the text and graphics, within and outside the annonceur.Shelterr may, in its sole discretion and without having to justify itself, refuse to post or remove from the website the advertisement if it is to notice that all or part of the contents thereof is or may be obscene, libelous, immoral, illegal, defamatory, racist or hateful, or is likely to harm the reputation, moral or material interest of Shelterr or website infringes or may infringe a right, title or intellectual property interest belonging to a third party, cause or may cause any direct or indirect damage to a third party does not respond to one either advertising rules or specifications.

Article 4 - Limitation of Liability and guarantees

Shelterr held to an obligation of means. Shelterr therefore gives no warranty, express or implied, with respect to advertiser Web server and Web site, their operation, their hardware and software components, as well as access via the Internet to the impact, financial or not, real or apprehended, whether positive or not, that results or may result from the use and display of the advertisement on the website Web.La Shelterr sole warranty is that it will take all reasonable steps to available for the advertisement to be published in a professional and effective manner, according to the rules generally accepted by the industry, and according to specifications. Except in cases of gross negligence on his part, Shelterr can not be held liable to the advertiser for any fault and damages, direct or indirect, that may result. Shelterr is not responsible for the gross negligence of its employees, constituents and generally its agents exécution.L'annonceur will engage the responsibility of Shelterr in one or other of the following cases, ownership , modification, loss or destruction, illegal or unauthorized, in whole or in part, of the advertisement, loss or destruction of Statistics (general or advertising), loss of opportunities or revenues related to the operation or the absence of operation of the website, or the display of lack of advertising therein or to find it, lost opportunities or revenues related to efficacy or the lack of effectiveness of the commercial, illegal or unauthorized intrusion of any third party in the Web server or Web site, introduction of a computer virus in the Web server or Web site, breakage or operation defective Web server hardware equipment, temporary congestion of bandwidth, interruption of Internet connection service to a cause beyond the control of Shelterr.Si an error slips in the advertisement for a reason attributable to Shelterr, the -C is entitled to correct said error without delay, without having to pay any compensation or damages whatsoever to the advertiser. In all cases, the responsibility of Shelterr is limited to the rental value of the ad space during the period of time between the date of discovery of the error and the correction date thereof.

Article 5 - Prices and terms of payment and fees

5.1 Rates: Rates are shown in the specifications of the order of this Convention.

5.2 Terms of payment: Invoices are payable to the account of the company Shelterr Sprl reproduced, or any other account designated Shelterr and 30 days. In case of non-payment when due, amounts owed will be productive of an annual interest of 10%. The seller will also be liable for a penalty clause equivalent to 15% of the amount of unpaid invoices due. Shelterr reserves the right to suspend performance of its services for non-payment of bills, in principal, interest or penalty. Unless otherwise stated in the specifications, the cost of technical realization advertisements are borne by the advertiser Shelterr not taking to load the installation costs of the advertising material on its website.

Article 6 - Duration and termination of the contract

6.1. Duration: This Agreement is concluded for a term specified specifications. At its expiration, this Agreement shall be renewed by tacit agreement for the same period, the same terms and conditions except as to price, which will be based on the map of Shelterr rates in effect at the time of renewal.

6.2. End of the contract: The contract expires in one or other of the following cases; the expiry of the rental period stated in the specifications, if this contract has not been renewed, or expiration of any period of renewal; On written agreement of the parties to this effect, in case of termination under this contract, if one party fails to comply with one or other of its obligations within eight days following receipt by the defaulting party a formal notice and that there is inaction on the defect part in case of bankruptcy, insolvency or cessation of activities of one or other of the parties. However, the end of this contract does not result in losing the right to a portion or the release of an obligation, in particular regarding confidentiality and intellectual property.

Article 7 - Confidentiality

The advertiser acknowledges and accepts that Shelterr to offer rental services of advertising space and design of advertising to third parties, which may be a direct competitor of the advertiser or who can advertise similar products or services to those of the advertiser. Therefore, the advertiser must provide Shelterr that the information for the publication of the advertisement. The advertiser therefore agrees not provide Shelterr of information it considers confidential, secret or private. Shelterr is accordingly released from any obligation to keep secret or maintain confidential any information provided by the advertiser.

Article 8 - Miscellaneous disposals

8.1 Assignment of the website: In case of transfer of the website by Shelterr, this Agreement shall automatically be continued between the advertiser and the new site owner.

8.2. Force majeure: Neither party will be considered in default under this contract if the performance of its obligations, in whole or in part, is delayed or prevented due to a force majeure situation. Force majeure must be understood as an external event to the parties, unpredictable, irresistible and render impossible the performance of an obligation.

8.3. Severability: The possible illegality or invalidity of an article or a paragraph (or part of an article or paragraph) can not affect in any way the validity of other articles or paragraphs of this Agreement or nor the rest of this article, or this paragraph, unless the contrary intention appears in the text.

8.4. Amendment of the Agreement: This agreement may be amended only by another writing, duly signed by all parties.

8.5. Computation of time: In computing any period fixed by this agreement: the day which marks the starting point is not counted, but the terminal day is; Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are not counted when the last day of the period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the deadline is extended to the next business day.

Article 9 - Applicable law and jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by the luxembourg laws. In case of conflict between the parties, they agree to seek an amicable solution priority. Any dispute or litigation that may arise from the interpretation and / or execution of this agreement will be submitted to the courts of the district of Luxembourg.